SureFact Australia Pty Ltd (“SureFact”) is a privately owned investigations company providing tailored solutions to insurance companies, large corporate organisations, small to medium businesses, law firms and government agencies.

The SureFact team is focused on providing timely and accurate information to insurers and other clients to enable the development of effective strategies for early and durable claim resolution.

As a result of the alliance with WCD-Workers’ Compensation Solutions, RiskTech and Activetics, we are able to bring comprehensive risk management solutions to our clients.

Company Goals

Business Goals

Our desire to be a successful, sustainable business, employing people well into the future.

Social Responsibility

Strong alliances with community organisations and assisting our people to become involved in community work.


Promoting a collaborative work environment that enables people to develop and recognise their strengths and talents.


Being at the forefront of development and advancement of services in the finance and insurance industry.

Our Customers

Remaining customer focused and providing leading edged quality service.