Workplace Independent Investigations

Workplace investigations are challenging and sensitive matters that have the potential to severely disrupt your daily operations if not handled correctly. Allegations of bullying, sexual harassment, misconduct, corruption, integrity, fraud or any other behaviour that creates a risk to health and safety in your business is your responsibility. Yet it’s often difficult for employers to put themselves or other members of the organisation in a position where they can fairly assess such complex situations. Worse, internal resolutions can open businesses up to further claims of bias or discrimination.

By engaging SureFact Australia to conduct an independent workplace investigation, you can be sure that these delicate matters will be handled discreetly, efficiently and comprehensively while you get on with your work.

Do I really require an independent workplace investigation?

As a leading national investigation company, SureFact Australia provides an independent set of eyes that benefit any workplace investigation. Yet this is not only a matter of experience. A range of circumstances can make it inappropriate for organisations to conduct internal investigations. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Complaints made against senior management or direct supervisors.
  • Fairwork/Regulator directive
  • Conflicts of interest.
  • Matters where employers don’t have adequate resources to conduct a comprehensive internal investigation. This is often the case when complaints involve multiple parties, complex issues and / or when a specialist is required to investigate.
  • Matters where the alleged behaviour is of a serious or criminal nature and a referral to law enforcement or potential litigation may be required.
  • Matters where legal professional privilege may be required over the investigation process.
  • Matters in respect to breaches of Employment relating to misuse of Intellectual property and or Employment Restraints.

Every investigation is different, but the SureFact Australia workplace investigations team has the skills and experience necessary to meet your needs. Hailing from backgrounds in law, insurance, risk management, law enforcement and consultancy, we mitigate risks and deliver thorough outcomes in a timely manner.

The end result is a report you can rely on.

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