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At SureFact, contractor invoices are scanned to a system called Receipt Bank, which is directly linked to the accounting and banking systems. The scanning stage is critical for the system to work efficiently. Accuracy in digital scanning is dependent on consistency in the format and naming of invoices. Failure to comply with format and naming conventions will disrupt this important first step of the system and could result in delayed payments.

FORMAT of a Tax invoice

Invoices must be:

  1. A PDF file
  2. Named: Business Name Invoice Number E.G. Sherlock’s Investigations Inv 0025.
  3. The business name must match the invoice header.
  4. The invoice number must be unique (not previously used). Duplicated invoice numbers will be rejected at the scanning stage of your invoice as having already been submitted.

CONTENT of a Tax invoice:

The following nine items of information MUST be included in your tax invoice.

  1. Titled “Tax Invoice”
  2. Business details of:
    • Name
    • ABN
    • Address
    • Contact details
    • Main contact person (if not self)
    • Bank Information:
      • Account Name
      • BSB
      • Account Number
  3. Invoice date
  4. Invoice Number (a unique number for each invoice)
  5. Billed to: SureFact Australia
  6. Polonious Number
  7. Service descriptor and rate for each service
    • Investigation time
    • Report writing time
    • Travel time
    • Out of pocket expenses e.g. postage
    • Agreed additional charges
    • Other identified non GST items
    • Other (Please detail)
  8. GST registered or not registered – must be stated on your invoice
  9. Total