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It is the responsibility of SureFact to provide simple and efficient financial processes for paying contractors promptly. SureFact pays all contractors within 14-20 days from the date a Tax invoice is submitted. Understanding the financial systems and processes will be covered in this section.

It is the responsibility of contractors to submit invoices as soon as a designated job is completed. The submission date is critical for SureFact’s clients as well as for the contractors. Immediate and prompt submission of invoices from contractors enables SureFact to finalise jobs with clients and pay contractors promptly. This ensures the smooth, efficient and timely payments for all concerned.

Contractors also bear responsibilities on ensuring what they submit and how it is submitted. The following sections will cover the financial systems and processes undertaken at SureFact. Contractors abiding by these responsibilities ensures that SureFact can meet its responsibility of paying all contractor-submitted Tax invoices promptly.