Cyber Intelligence Investigations

Digital technology is constantly redefining the way Australian businesses operate. As this technology expands, so too does the need for experienced intelligence analysts who can manage complex cyber issues.

With background in law enforcement and government, SureFact Australia Intel Analystsconduct comprehensive cyber intelligence and desktop compliance investigations to meet your needs and protect your security. Whether you’re concerned about misdeeds within your organisation or threats from without, we seek solutions using only the most current resources and cutting-edge equipment.

Here are just some of the services the SureFact Australia cyber intelligence team can provide:

  • Social media investigations
  • Social Media Risk Profile Survey
  • Due diligence
  • Background checks
  • Cyber fraud
  • Witness location
  • Asset searches and identification
  • Social media risk management
  • Brand reputation
  • OSINT (Open Source Intelligence Techniques)

Should I conduct a cyber intelligence investigation?

Cybercrime – that is crime conducted digitally – is on the rise and shows no sign of slowing down. By 2021, it is predicted that cybercrime will cost the world $6 trillion annually.

The corporate sector in Australia is as vulnerable as any other globally. According to Imperva’s 2019 CyberthreatDefense Report, 63 percent of Australian companies were digitally compromised at least once in in 2018. That’s a real concern and one it pays to be prepared for.

Of course, technology also brings benefits when it comes to safeguarding your business. SureFact Australia’s team of qualified investigators can conduct thorough social media and background checks to ensure the people you’re letting through your door are who they say they are.

Some of the biggest threats to Australian businesses today are ones most leaders aren’t trained to see or understand. Let SureFact Australia take care of them for you. Contact us now to arrange a consultation.