About Us

Since its founding in 2012, SureFact Australia has established itself as one of the nation’s most efficient and successful investigation
companies offering an extensive range of services.

How? By combining comprehensive industry experience with a keen understanding of the needs of today’s business and the climate in which
they operate.

Led by directors Paul York, Patrick Henderson and Geoff Dixon, SureFact’s management team prides itself on applying its more than 110
years’ worth of investigative knowledge and know-how to the delivery of a solution to your challenges or concerns.

Some of our offerings include: (link all of the listings below)

  • Insurance
  • Factual Investigations
  • Surveillance Investigations
  • Independent workplace investigations
  • Cyber intelligence investigations
  • Security risk management
  • Protective Surveillance
  • SureFact Aerial Division

Hailing from such diverse professional backgrounds as insurance, law enforcement, legal, risk management and consultancy, the SureFact
Australia team’s broad experience ensures we can cater our services to any situation.

Contact SureFact Australia now for a consultation and take comfort in knowing that you’re one step closer to protecting the future of your

Business Goals

Our desire to be a successful, sustainable business, employing people well into the future.

Social Responsibility

Strong alliances with community organisations and assisting our people to become involved in community work.


Being at the forefront of development and advancement of services in the finance and insurance industry. 

Our Customers

Remaining customer focused and providing leading edged quality service.

We Are Professionals!

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